Cortisone Injections – What You Should Know Before You Consider Treatment

Cortisone Injections – What You Should Know Before You Consider Treatment

Cortisone Injections – What You Should Know Before You Consider TreatmentCortisone injections enable doctors to deliver potent medicines directly to the affected areas, such as a specific joint or tendon, with reduced side effects. Depending on each individual patient and their condition being treated, successful cortisone injections may suppress localized inflammation from six weeks to six months. Here at Preferred Rehab, we focus on ensuring patient satisfaction by providing you with the best physical therapy services we can. Our Allen Park physical therapy clinic specializes in providing Detroit physical therapy services. While the cortisone injections may be an essential tool to treat joint pain and inflammation, they have limitations.


Most of these limitations are as follows:

  • Cortisone Injection is Part of a Bigger Treatment Plan

Typically, cortisone injections offer temporary relief.  Patients looking for long-term relief are recommended to participate in physical therapy to strengthen and stretch muscles, joints, and some soft tissues.  If a patient is overweight, their doctor may recommend that they lose weight while also making overall lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise and even a change their footwear.  Such steps may improve the biomechanics of joints and reduce or eliminate the need for extra cortisone shots. Patients who have repeated cortisone shots might notice that the pain relief period becomes shorter over time. This shortened relief period is not necessarily due to a developed tolerance to the medication but, rather, due to joint failure. Again, changes in daily lifestyle, weight loss, and physical therapy may help stop the degradation of joints or slow it down. Speak with a Detroit physical therapist at our Allen park physical therapy clinic today for a consultation.

  • Activity Must Be Increased Gradually

It might take several days for the advantages of cortisone medications to take effect. At this time, patients are told to rest as well as cut back on normal activities. If the joint pain is relieved, well-intentioned patients might be tempted to jump right into an exercise routine. But, to avoid further injuries, doctors will recommend that their patients gradually ease into resuming their normal activities. If you or a loved one is searching for Taylor physical therapy services, look no further than the Preferred Rehab physical therapy clinic in Allen Park.

Benefits of Cortisone Injections

When joints are swollen, joint fluid may be removed before cortisone is injected.  If fluid was eliminated, it may be analyzed with lab testing to diagnose a joint disorder or problem.  Testing the fluid is extremely beneficial as results may reveal any presence of protein, glucose or crystals.  Distinct advantages of corticosteroid injections are the relief of localized inflammation in a particular body part. This targeted approach results in a more successful and rapid outcome of pain relief compared to traditional anti-inflammatory oral medications.  Injections may also avoid particular side effects that are associated with oral anti-inflammatory medications such as gastrointestinal issues, weight gain, fragile bones, hypertension, cataracts, and thinning of the skin. Cortisone injections may be administered quickly in the doctor’s office.  Some benefits include immediate relief, minimal side effects, high success rate, and dependability.

Cortisone Injections – Are There Any Special Side Effects?

Unique side effects of cortisone joint injections involve injuries to joint tissues, especially with repeated injections. Such injuries include thinning of joint cartilage, weakening of joint ligaments, an introduction of joint infection, and increased joint inflammation due to a reaction to the corticosteroid that may have crystallized.

For many people, initial corticosteroid injections decrease pain and inflammation. If the patient’s pain isn’t relieved, doctors might recommend administering a second injection. To protect the soft tissue of the joint, injections must be at least four to six weeks apart.  If patients report little or no pain relief from the second injection, consequently, a third injection would not be recommended as it would not, likely, provide relief. We provide Dearborn physical therapy services to patients searching for physical therapy in Dearborn. Here is our location for Detroit physical therapy services at our Allen Park clinic

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